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Internet Advertising Made Easy with WebAds

WebAds internet advertising technology provides full targeting, reporting and management features for your interactive advertising campaign and is the most effective, innovative and cost-effective way to put sellers and prospective buyers together online. WebAds is proud to exclusively represent the advertising space of a number or top quality Websites, collectively delivering well over 1 billion web pages per year.

What is WebAds?

WebAds is a set of advanced hardware and software technologies designed to distribute Web banner advertising across the internet to an unlimited number of websites, and allows advertisers to place an ad or 'flight' of ads to address a specific target market. WebAds arranges for their ads to be placed on the correct web pages automatically for a pre-arranged amount of exposures or time period.

Who is WebAds?

WebAds was designed and developed in New Zealand by a team of leading Internet developers and has been actively serving banners ads since June 1996. By partnering with a number of major New Zealand providers of Internet content and services, WebAds provides advertisers with a broad range of banner advertising and sponsorship opportunities throughout the New Zealand webspace.


Unlike other web advertising organisations, WebAds is based entirely in New Zealand. Since its servers and ads are located locally, we believe that WebAds can deliver ads faster and with less overhead than any other web delivery technology both within New Zealand and overseas. WebAds technology is proven, having been in operation since 1996

More Information

For more information on WebAds and how it can help your business, why not check out our network, see pricing details in our ratecard, or contact us for personal service.