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Welcome to the WebAds advertising Network

WebAds is proud to exclusively represent the advertising space of the following top quality Websites, collectively delivering well over 1 billion web pages per year. By exclusively using the WebAds technology to manage our clients Websites we are able to provide full targeting and management features when you use these sites in your campaign.

New Zealand Dating (NZDating)
Easily the most popular dating service in New Zealand, and possibly Australasia, delivers over 3 million web pages per day and provides incredible advertising opportunities to target a broad range of New Zealanders.

New Zealand City (NZCity)
Winner or finalist in the Netguide People's Choice 'Best Start Page' since its inception, NZCity offers the very latest in local and international News, Weather, Sports and Entertainment information, custom-delivered to New Zealand's original Personalisable Start Page to around a quarter of a million New Zealanders every month.

SearchNZ was New Zealand's first search engine, and continues to be the preferred access option for those who want a comprehensive view of data on the New Zealand Internet. You can't beat the click rate on a keyword search.
A New Zealand first, is jam packed with crime related resources and full coverage of all the latest and historical New Zealand crime stories.